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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Nail Art Designs

Lately I've been posting my nail art on my tumblr page, but I figured it couldn't hurt to post some here. I did an entire nail wheel of Halloween designs and I'm pretty happy with it:

I also did these sugar skull designs on my own nails recently:

Let me know what you think! I love getting creative with nail art during the holidays. I don't go to parties or anything like that, so this is my way of getting festive. Oh, and if you are planning on using these images on your blog, please link back to my blog, thanks.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lana Del Rey Ride Inspired Makeup

SO I recently saw the new Lana Del Ray Ride video, and I could not stop watching it! I've always been a big fan of hers, but this video blew me away. I just had to re-create the makeup, which was actually pretty simple. She didn't go for her usual winged liner and red-orange lips. The vibe of the video was about being free and not being held down, so I don't think heavy makeup would have worked for that. Of course she still has on big lashes, but overall it was a pretty simple look. Here is my interpretation:

I left the eyes pretty bare with just a bit of shading to accentuate the eye contours, and a smudgy gray on the lower lash line. I also used large lashes. The cheeks have a touch of a peachy pink blush and a teeny bit of a contour, as well as nude lips. It's not 100% like Lana but it's what I felt inspired to do. Here are some screen grabs from her video for reference:

Video Tutorial: