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Thursday, May 24, 2012

May My Glam Review

This is going to be short and simple so let's get on with the pictures.

Here are my thoughts:
-The Studio Gear lipstick while full size (which I appreciate) I got in an ugly brown color.
-I'm not into nail stickers as I like to do my own nails, but again this is a full size product and I like that aspect.
-I have never liked perfume samples in little vials that you have to pat on instead of spraying on. I do however enjoy Philosophy fragrances.
-The bag this month was cute and didn't smell like plastic unlike last month's bag.
-Lastly, the brushes came slightly bent and I think are the worst one's My Glam has sent out thus far.

So there, that's all I had to say about this month. I keep wanting to opt out but a little voice in my head says what if they give out something awesome next month. Darn you little voice!!!!

May Gossip Girl Box Review

Yeah, I'm late on this review I know, but hey I have a life too you know! Okay I don't I was just lazy putting this up ;) So this month Gossip girl teamed up with Birch Box to create a themed box for the month. I opted put of birch box some time ago when My Glam popped up, but since I am a die-hard fan of Gossip Girl I couldn't resist not giving this month a go.

Where to begin...

While I appreciate the theme of the box, I wasn't particularly impressed with the contents. All of the items were sample size, whereas some lucky ladies got a full size Stila sparkle liquid liner. That's the problem with Birchbox, everyone get's something different.

The Color Club nail polish was nice, but I own a few gold nail polishes already.

The Jart BB cream sample hardly has enough to do half of my face.

I like that they included a sample of the beauty blender cleanser however the sample size is small.

The perfume sample full size is over $100 dollars, and also the smell is not my cup of tea.

The head band thingy is nice and I use it.

Lastly the note card is okay but not something I would have picked to receive.

Overall I'm not impressed and perhaps if I had gotten the Stila eyeliner I would have been far happier (actually let's make that a fact).

Review: Maybelline The Mega Plush by Volume Express Mascara

Okay so I must be the only person on the beauty inter-webs that despises this mascara, I haven't found any negative reviews thus far which leads me to believe that my lashes were revolting against me at the time of application. Nevertheless I shall deliver you my review.

-Hopefully you can tell by the picture that the mascara wand is in a strange triangle shape



Okay so I don't expect miracles from mascara wands but I do expect a lot more than that! All it did was make my lashes look darker and lift a few of the hairs. Also, this mascara is supposed to keep your lashes from feeling brittle, not the case Maybelline, not the case...

The wand is flexible and moves up and down, this was not necessarily helpful in the application process and I actually prefer a stationary wand after trying this. I also do not understand the point of making the wand biggest only on three points, which made the application process awkward.

Overall I'm unhappy and the mascara got returned. This is the first time I have ever returned a Maybelline mascara as I am quite fond of One by One, Falsies, and Fiber extensions.

Disclaimer: Don't just take my word for it, mascaras are different on everyone and my experience could be totally different than yours!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Makeup Look of the Day :)

I love purple, and purple glitter even better :) Have a lookey!

I used my Lime Crime lipstick in Countessa Fluorescent, Inglot eyeshadows, Eye Kandy glitter in Tiny Tarte, MUFE liquid liner, and my Real Techniques expert face brush to create an even complexion.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush Review

I am a big fan of Real Technique brushes, especially since Samantha Chapman (Pixiwoo) is the brains behind the brushes. I already own the stippling brush which has been a favorite of mine for over a year for applying foundation (this one is even better!). This particular brush is new to the line, and as far as I know is sold exclusively to Ulta in the states.

What Real Techniques says...
Ultra firm and broad for application and blending of cream or liquid foundation:
look pixel-perfect even in harsh light
ultra-plush, synthetic taklon bristles are hand-cut and 100% cruelty-free
self-standing for easy storage
extended aluminum handle is light and easy to use

This is my new favorite go-to brush for applying liquid foundation, I absolutely adore it!

Super soft yet dense enough to properly buff out foundation. I tend to spray it first with MAC fix + so it doesn't suck up as much product in the application process. My favorite brush for applying foundation before was the Sigma F84 - Angled Kabuki, which is still fabulous but I like how RT brush is smaller and is easier to maneuver around areas on the face. This brush makes hardly any foundation look flawless!

The price is $9 @ Ulta which I think is a super steal. If I could ever recommend a brush you to use for foundation that was great quality and still economical it would definitely be this brush!

Balm Shelter Tinted Moisturizer SPF 18 Review

I can't really recall ever having a tinted moisturizer in the past. I've never really seen the appeal since I like using the full cover of a foundation. But of course since I'm a theBalm products nut I just had to try out their tinted moisturizer.

The color I got is in light/medium and is a perfect match for me.

This is me with the tinted moisturizer on with a little bit of time bomb concealer on my under eye circles and some sexy mama powder to set and mattify:

theBalm says: This weightless, silky smooth tinted moisturizer SPF 18 offers lasting moisture and helps to improve the tone and texture of your skin, leaving you with a polished complexion.

I love the ease of slapping this stuff on with my fingers and going out the door. It gives a light coverage and evens out the skin tone. Being that there is spf in this product is does smell a bit like sun block, and I really don't recommend it for flash photography. I have oily skin so setting this stuff with a powder is an absolute must, sexy mama by theBalm works great. If you have super oily skin I would skip this product.

I like using this on days where I'm feeling lazy and just want to even out my skin tone a bit. It's $25 on theBalm's site but you can find it @ Marshalls for less.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

theBalm Overshadow Work is Overrated Review

Shimmer is my middle name, or at least it should be ;)

This product is something I didn't know I needed until I got it, and now I find myself reaching for it every time I do my eyeshadow.

This is me quickly slapping it on without a primer so you can see what it would look like on the lids. I normally wouldn't put it all over the lids.

What Sephora says:
Overshadow was created to add a luxe look to the lid, taking the most subtle daytime shadow and amping it up for nighttime fun. Apply over your favorite shadow to give a fresh look to your staple shadows colors. Dust the lighter shades on shoulders, cheeks—anywhere—for a sexy shimmer.

I love, love, love using this in the inner corners of my eyes. It really adds a nice highlight that really opens up your eyes. The powder is very fine and and be pressed on top of other shadows to give them a bit of shimmer. I don't know how I lived without this stuff before!

$15 originally but of course you can find it at Marshalls for less.

theBalm Betty-Lou Manizer Review

This is a multi-functional product as in it can be used for bronzer, eyeshadow, or over all shimmer. I use this product in different ways depending on my mood, it's fabulous!

Sephora says:
This all-in-one bronzer, shadow, and shimmer uses mica to diffuse light so your skin looks softer and younger while adding subtle warmth. The oil-free formula can be layered on your lids for a luxe look, swept on your cheeks for a radiant glow, or used as an all-over finish before heading out for the night.

Now on my skin tone this looks fabulous since I have yellow undertones. I saw some comments that said this looks a little too orangey on them but is great as an eyeshadow. I like to use it alone and sometimes on top of a matte bronzer to give a nice glow. It doesn't look like glitter on your face, just a nice fine shimmer. Perhaps on older skin this shimmery bronzer might exaggerate wrinkles so keep that in mind.

Overall I love this product and use it almost everyday!

$24 on Sephora but I bet you can find it cheaper at Marshalls.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Yves Saint Laurent ROUGE VOLUPTÉ - Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick in Opera Rose Review

I have to admit I probably would never buy this lipstick for myself as it is $34 and I don't think I can justify spending that much on a lipstick. However....I had my 3 year anniversary with my boyfriend and lucky me I got to pick one out :)

I've always admired the glamorous look of YSL products from afar, I'm not even into gold that much but for some reason the packaging speaks to me. When you see the lipstick up close you can really appreciate the design of the packaging. The lipstick does have some weight to it, so it even feels expensive.

Here is what Sephora says: One of these Yves Saint Laurent ROUGE VOLUPTÉ Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick SPF 15 is sure to be your new signature color: they're sensual, radiant, and strong. With shades that drench the lips with densely pigmented color and a unique color-shine complex, lips are visibly smoothed, plumped, and radiant with luminous satin color.

My particular color is: Color 29 Opera Rose - vibrant rose pink

Opera Rose is opaque and extremely moisturizing. I find that the color lasts on me about 4 hours, and leaves my lips soft. This color has in fact become my new signature color, it was Viva Glam Gaga before but this lipstick is far better. I love everything about it, and I'm kind of hoping I'll have another one soon.

Now I saw that some people reviewed YSL lipsticks as being too moisturizing and not very long lasting. I did not experience that with Rose Opera, and I find it to be relatively longer lasting than my MAC lipsticks.

Now to the question of whether you need this. Well if you had asked me before I got it the answer would be a Hells No! But now that I do I really think you should own at least one. It will last you a long time and you can always bring it out just for special occasions. I wore this for my graduation and it lasted the whole time :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Graduated!!!

I don't often post too much about my life outside of makeup, but I thought this was something very special in my life and I wanted to share :) So I just graduated May 4th with my Bachelors in Psychology and Gerontology. It's been a long and hard 4 years but I made it through and now I'm off to graduate school in South Florida. I'm planning on getting my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and hopefully one day I'll get to open up my own practice. I've also made the decision that I want to give being a real makeup artist a go.

A lot of exciting new things are happening in my life right now, a bit scary but I guess that's part of becoming an adult (that sounds so lame). Well anyways that's all I have to say about that (Forrest Gump reference), see you all in the next post and enjoy the pics of me and my family :)