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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nail Polish of the Week-OPI I Don’t Give a Rotterdam!

I love blue nail polish, I think it's my favorite. Then again everything seems to be my favorite....Anyhoo, I'm wearing this nail polish for the week, I've been staring my manicure a lot lately, I love how it sparkles in the light :)
You can see my previous post reviewing some more of the Holland Collection nail polishes here.

China Glaze Hunger Games Collection

I have to be honest, I haven't read the books or seen the movie. I'm a twilight geek, and come to think of it why haven't they released a twilight nail polish collection...Getting off topic, so anyways I'm not that familiar with the Hunger Games but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the themed nail polish ;) BTW is this series really about kids killing each other? Awkward transition.... So anyways I only picked up two of the nail polishes, mainly b/c OPI Holland bankrupted me.
-On top of stone cold and by itself. This polish reminds me of the finger paints special effect nail polishes. The reflects are cut longer in this nail polish than the FP ones and are mostly gold/cooper and blue toned. Shines in the light different colors.
-Swatched by itself and then with a top coat. This color dries matte and has punk rocker vibe to it. I prefer it with a top coat but it's nice that they included a matte in the collection.

OPI Holland Collection Review and Collections

I've tried hard to stay away from nail polishes, since I have so many. About every color in the rainbow and then some lol. But I felt compelled to purchase a few of the new Holland collections nail polishes from OPI, and there's a few more I'd like to pick up...
-Pedal Faster Suzi! (Pink Lavender) This is a really pretty pink, needs about 2-3 coats to be opaque.
-Kiss Me on My Tulips (Hot Pink) This pink is very bright! Opaque in one coat but I did 2 just in case.
-Dutch ’Ya Just Love OPI? (Plum Purple) Love this purple, it shines gold shimmers in the light. Opaque in 2 coats.
-I Don’t Give a Rotterdam! (Steel Blue) Such a pretty kind of dusty, blue jeans color. Needs like 2-3 coats.
Love this collection, not my favorite but has some nice solid spring time colors.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

theBalm Frat Boy Blush Review

I love theBalm, they make amazing makeup and this blush is no exception. As I said in the last post, coral is my favorite color of the moment and this blush is the way to go in terms of coral colors.

I love this blush! It leaves the nicest coral flush on your cheeks without over doing it. There is tiny micro shimmers in the bush but it looks mostly matte on the cheeks. You can really layer on this blush for it to be super bright or just barely noticeable. It also wears for a good while, 7-10 hours.

It's $21 on theBalm website but I got it on Hautelook for half the price when it was on sale.

Butter London Nail Polish in Trout Pout Review

This is my first time ever having a BL polish, they are just too darn expensive ($14)! This color was too pretty to pass up :)

Coral has to be my favorite color right now, and Trout Pout is the perfect shade of coral. The color is vibrant and is opaque in two coats. I really love it :)

The nail polish lasted on me without chipping for a week, I feel OPI has the same wearing time. In any case, BL has had some really pretty shades come out recently that I might just indulge in :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Katy Perry Lashes by Eylure in Oh Honey and Sweetie Pie

You might remember me mentioning that I got these lashes a while back. I waited to review these lashes so I could fully test them out.

Oh Honey is a va-va-voom type of lashes, and it definitely is meant for special occasions. Well, I mean I wouldn't go out during the day wearing these.

Sweetie Pie looks pretty natural for a false lash, and does not taper out at the ends.

These lashes are for some reason more difficult for me to put on than any other false lashes I've tried. I can't really describe why, it might be the fact that when they come off of the packaging they aren't really shaped round.

The glue it comes with does not work very well either, Stick to your duo adhesive ladies.

Usually I can get at least three uses out of a pair of lashes, but as soon as I took them off they lost their shape and looked awful. I tried anyway to put them back on but it was useless. This could obviously just be my experience, I could have been too rough with them or something.

Overall I think these lashes are too expensive ($7!) to have so many issues for me. While they look great on, they don't last for future uses and are difficult to put on.

(Sigma) Mrs. Bunny Blue Essential Kit

I realized since I got these brushes for my birthday back in February I never review them! Well at least I have more experience with them now :) You might remember I wanted these brushes for my birthday, well my lovely mother gifted them to me (I'm so lucky!).

Okay let's start with the face brushes:

(From left to right)

Duo Fibre - F50 Specially designed to generate an airbrushed finish when used to apply blush, highlight shades and foundation.
-Love this brush for many uses, putting on liquid foundation, blush, and light powder application. The bristles aren't densely packed but they are firm enough to stipple on foundation.

Foundation - F60 Can be used to apply liquid or cream foundation. Recommended to apply moisturizers and conceal large areas.
-I use this brush for liquid foundation on occasion and it does the job, flat and dense enough for me.

Large Angled Contour - F40 The angled shape makes this brush ideal to apply blush or contour shades.
-This has to be my favorite brush out of the collection. I works perfect for applying blush and bronzer as the shape fits perfectly on the contours of my face.

Large Powder - F30 Very dense with a rounded top. Ideal to apply powder products on face and body.
-Love how big this brush is, great for patting on powder to the face.

Okay now the eye brushes:

Eye Liner - E05 An extra fine-tipped brush that delivers a precise, firm, even stroke to line the eyes. Synthetic bristles.
-This brush is great for doing a precise cat eye with gel or creams.

Medium Angled Shading - E70 Angled, tapered, flat top. Ideal to apply highlight shades underneath the eyebrow and on the inner corners.
-This had become my go to brush for applying highlight colors to my brow bone, also works well for blending.

Pencil - E30 Precise application of color on the crease, outer corner, upper and lower lash line.
-Good brush for out V area, and for smudging out liner.

Small Angle - E65 Essential for the application of gel or cream eye liner on the upper and lower lash line.
-Use this brush for my brows and it works great, I have yet to use it for lining, I prefer the E05.

Tapered Blending - E40 Rounded and tapered top. Specially designed to apply and blend color on the crease.
-Nice and fluffy, nice for blending out eyeshadow but I use this in conjunction with a MAC 217 type brush for precision blending.

Eye Shading - E55 Soft and dense with a rounded finish. Can be used to apply pressed or loose eye shadows and pigments
-Your average flat shader brush, gets the job done.

Large Shader - E60 Flat shape is ideal for application of cream formulas and eye shadow primers.
-I actually use this brush for putting a high color on. Also works for the lid.

Concealer - F70 The rounded, tapered, flat shape makes this brush ideal to conceal the under eye area.
-I use this occasionally for concealer, but I also us it for blending out cream products.

Overall I love these brushes, not only do they look really cute they are also very well made and are synthetic. I have to say the drying time can take a little longer than natural hair brushes but it's worth it. The brush holder they come in is also amazing.

The price is pretty steep, at $109 for the full set, but when you work it out you are only paying about $9 a brush and these will last you for years. Travel set is $59.

If you are interested in these brushes check them out

I found a discount code for 10% off: MARCH2012
*You also get a free gift when you make a purchase of $30 or more.

Tarte Provocateur Mineral Pressed Powder SPF 8

My go to powder for almost a year has been my MAC Studio Fix Powder (NC 30), which gives medium to full coverage. I liked the extra coverage with foundations that weren't full coverage, but since I switched to MUFE HD foundation back in December I decided the two weren't that great of a combination. So now that I'm on a cruetly free/natural kick I have been raiding the Tarte section of Sephora and I found this little gem.

Tarte Claims: Tarte Provocateur Pressed Mineral Powder is a whisperlight mineral pressed powder that allows skin to breathe while treating it with soothing vitamins and minerals and protecting it with SPF 8.

Mine is in the shade light 04 (fair to light complexions with beige & yellow undertones). I bought this for the lighter coverage and for the mattifying properties. When I first started using it I felt weird using a light coverage powder, and I almost returned it, but after giving it some time I really fell in love with it.

This product gives light to almost medium coverage, and gives a matte feel to the skin. I didn't experience any caking with this product, I use my MUFE kabuki brush and gently pat and roll the powder on my face.

I definitely feel like this product lets my skin breathe and feels a lot less heavy than my MAC Studio Fix. I also feel like I break out less with this powder.

The packaging is also very cute, and has a decent sized mirror in it.

Would recommend to anyone!