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Saturday, December 31, 2011

BH Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner Review

So BH reformulated their liquid eyeliner and it just came back onto the website. I never tried the old one but I have to say I really like this one.

It is in a pen format which kind of worries me because they tend to dry out a lot faster, but so far so good. The liquid comes out pigmented and not watery at all and the pen has a nice fine point, great for doing a wing. I'd say if you suck at using liquid liner, this really is a fool proof alternative.

Here it is swatched:

They have it on the website right now for $4.17 but you get it for free with every $25 purchase.

Oh and Ebates is offering 15% cash back right now for BH so if you haven't signed up use my link all the way at the bottom of my blog (under the sigma ad) to sign up and automatically get $5!

Friday, December 30, 2011

BH Cosmetics Lip Gloss Review

You know I was thinking the other day as I perused my lip liners from BH that they should come out with a line of lip sticks. Well my idea has sort of come into fruition with these new lip glosses that just came out.

I have to say I am very impressed with them, even though I am a little biased being after all a BH cosmetics junkie.

There are ten new shades in the collection and I grabbed three of them (three new ones are on the way lol). Here are the promo pics and then my pics:


80's Diva

Office Queen

Can I just say that the packaging and the names for the lip glosses is so darn cute!

They are very very glossy but not sticky at all. As you can see 80's diva is way more pigmented than the other ones so I'm guessing all the lip glosses vary in opacity.

I love them!!!

80's diva has a nice glitter in it that is fine and does not show up as intensly sparkly on the lips. I think this can be worn alone as it is so opaque.

Office queen is the least opaque but I think it is meant to be that way so it can be an everyday lip gloss. It adds a nice bit of color to the lips but is still sheer.

Studious is perfect for pairing with any pink lip stick but still has a nice pigmentation on it's own.

It's on sale right now for $2.98, but full price it's about $5.95.

Ebates is also offering 15% cash back on BH, so if you haven't signed up with them you can use my link and automatically get $5.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

MAC Tour De Fabulous-Lasting Sensation Lipliner

I really don't keep up with the new MAC collections unless it's something with over the top packaging, but this collection had some nice lip liners. I made myself pick just one but honestly I wanted them all lol.

So I picked up Lasting Sensation which is a bright coral (looks kinda orange though). I wanted a lip liner that would pair well with the hibiscus lip stick I got from the MAC surf baby collection a while back.

Pics :)

I really like it and it's only $14 (wow did I just say "only").

24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Travel Size Set of Five - Naked & Electric

So I got the Electric set for Christmas and I just had to get the other set :)

Here we go:

So happy :)

As you can see perversion is quite darker than zero, like 10 X darker!

These colors are so fun and I like how the naked set has a nice variety of browns that definitely look different from each other.

Snatch these up before they are gone!

*P.S. The shadow pencil stash is on sale right now for $19!

Okay sorry guys for the wait. Without further ado, swatches!

This palette can essentially be reviewed in a few sentences. Most of the eye shadows are shimmery and some even have glitter. So if you only like matte colors this is so not the palette for you. I experienced exceptional pigmentation, my favorites have to be the highlight color and the teal color.

This is a versatile palette with both wearable and bright colors to choose from.

I couldn't really capture the face powders well in pictures but let me just say they are really nice :0)

I will say however that storing this palette away is not so easy....

Some close ups of the shadows:

Monday, December 26, 2011

Too faced sweet dreams

Swatches soon!

Too faced sweet dreams
-15 eyeshadows
-1 bronzer
-2 blush
-full size shadow insurance
-4matte eyeshadows (in the buff, teddy bear, smolder, first dance)
-two repeats (honeymoon and first dance)

-great value
-variety of wearable colors
-the packaging is so adorable

-packaging is a bit bulky
-not for those who don't like shimmer
-is a little pricey but still an awesome value
-limited edition so it's hard to come by and will be gone soon

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Haul :)

Okay just a quick pic of the makeup things I got this year, more reviews to come later :)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to drop by and wish you all a holly jolly Christmas from me to you :)Thank you all so much for subscribing to my blog and reading my posts, it means the world to me! I took some pictures of my disapproving rabbits, enjoy :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More Christmas Nails :)

So I already did my nails for Christmas but my friend Bree came over the other day and I really wanted to try out some other designs so this post will be the results. I attempted but failed to do a nail polish video tutorial, yet again...I'm losing hope of ever finding a way to film me doing nail art. Anyways...

You can click on the pictures to see them larger.

If there was a method to my madness I would share it but really it's all about taking your time and being patient. My advice, get some teeny tiny brushes from a craft store and act as if your nails are a small canvas. Try using acrlyic paint, but I prefer using plain old nail polish. Dollar General sells art deco nail stripers so grab those too.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Naked 2 Vs. The Balm Nude Tude

First off I want to give 100% credit to Meredith (a.k.a En Route) for the pictures and swatches.

I will now give you a few minutes to go ahead and follow her blog, copy paste the link below and follow her blog already!:

Did you do it!!! Alright I'll trust that you did, onto the pictures:

Naked 2:

The Balm Nude Tude:

Okay I have to say I'm not that interested in the new naked palette, I mean it kind of looks the same to the old one. Sure there are more mattes in the new one, but I really don't need that many neutral palettes.

Nude Tude however has made it on to my Christmas list. The packaging is adorable and for some reason the colors seem more interesting to me.

Well let me know what you guys think. Naked 2 is back in stock if you are interested btw.

Here is the original blog post from Meredith so you can see a more in depth review:


I just got my hands on the Nude Tude palette via my wonderful boyfriend :) Looks to come!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

BH Cosmetics Gel Eyliner Review

BH Cosmetics continually makes really good quality products. I only have 4 of their new gel eyeliners but I really want more :) Anyways, they are on sale for $4 right now so if you like the review go check them out :)

Now onto pictures:

Pacific is my favorite!

Here are the swatches:

The green is called garden, the purple is ultraviolet, the brown is coffee.

I love this eyeliners! They stay on all day and are very vibrant. The green shimmer is best used in my opinion as a base for eye shadows, I do recommend using a primer before applying all over the lid though.

The blue is the most vibrant blue eyeliner I have ever used or encountered, I really suggest that one :)

The brown is great for when you want a subtle eyeliner during the day, and the purple is another standout color that is really great for edgy looks.

Let me know if you try them out!