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Monday, October 31, 2011

Giveaway!!!!! Coastal Scents: Go Palette Sydney

CLOSED: Winner contacted

So this is going to be my first giveaway on my blog and I'm really excited about it! Thank you to all of you who have followed my blog, it means the world to me :)

So here are the rules. All you need to do to enter is write a comment on this blog post about what things you have tried from coastal scents that you like or what you are looking forward to trying (could even just be this palette).

Other stipulations:
1)Only open those who love in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada can enter. (Shipping to international is way too expensive for me right now sorry :( )
2) If younger than 18 must have parent approval for me to ship your prize.
3) Must Follow my blog publicly.
4) On your profile you must have an email I can contact you with.
5) Winner has 48 hours to email me back or I give the prize to someone else.

I will be using to choose the winner.

The contest will run from 10/31/11 to 11/15/11

Thanks again and good luck :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Recomendations for the Sephora Friends and Family Sale!

First off I want to say that the smartest way to go about this sale is to spend $50 and get the free shipping. Say you spend $20 and get $4 off through the sale. You also have to spend $5.95 in shipping, which would make you have to pay $1.95 more than you would have to pay in the store.

Anyways here are my Recommendations:

1. Urban Decay Roller Girl Palette $18 (Orig. 32)

-Great palette and it's on sale.

2. Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette - Angeles $15 (Orig. $34)

-I love this palette and it's only $15!

3. Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette - Metal Orchestra $24 (Orig. $34)

-Another good Kat Von D palette

4. Too Faced Sweet Dreams Makeup Collection $52

-An incredibly good deal and it comes with a full sized shadow insurance.

Other recommendations:

I would also check out any of the new holiday sets as they will probably sell out before the holidays. I always recommend any of the Too Faced Palettes as well.

Happy shopping :)

*Oh and please sign up through my Ebates link to get even more off your purchase.

How to get 24% off for the Sephora Friends and Family Sale!

So it's that time of year again when Sephora gives out their yearly 20% off coupon. Right now is the best time to stock up on new goodies and perhaps even presents for Christmas time (or any other holiday you participate in).

If you haven't heard of the website Ebates you are totally missing out on FREE money! Here's how it works, you sign up with them and you use their links to shop as you normally would online. Whatever you buy you get a percentage back into your Ebates account. So for example, say you want to shop the sephora sale. You simply go to the Ebates website, click on their Sephora link and then shop as you normally would. There isn't a code you have to enter. After you make your purchase, whatever the percentage back that you get is placed into your account.

Say you buy $100 dollars worth of stuff, and the % that Ebates is offering is 5%, you literally get back $5. After a while of shopping as you normally would online it really adds up. Ebates sends you a check for whatever is in your balance four times a year, and if you use my link you automatically get five dollars in your account!

Here is the link:

Right now Ebates is offering 4% back on all Sephora online purchases. Along with the 20% off code for the sale you are really getting a good deal.

Here is the link to get the 20% off coupon:

Happy Shopping!

I'm posting a blog after this of what things I think you should buy :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Essence Holographic Eyeshadow Review

I am a huge fan of the brand Essence, which is sold at Ulta. Essence is a European brand and they don't even sell half as much stuff here as they do in the UK. But in any case, the stuff I have been able to get my hands on I love! But for today's post we're going to be reviewing the new limited edition holographic cream eyeshadow. I found these on a display bear the NYX stuff, it was kind of hidden and not much was left. There was also holographic nail polish and lip gloss.

Here are some pics before the review:

It was really hard to capture the iridescence on camera but here is what I was able to get in a swatch:

The pictures really don't capture the holographic effect. I've never seen any cream eyeshadow this gorgeous and fun to look at!

As for wearing time I always recommend a primer before using any type of cream on your eyes. The blue actually looks good by itself. I'm not sure yet how I would wear the opal color but I know I'll have fun with it.

Here are the names and weight:

If you can spot any in your local Ulta I suggest you try them out :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

ELF Creme Eyeliners Review. Teal Tease and Punk Purple.

I have become the biggest fan of ELF products recently and these creme eyeliners are a welcome addition to my collection.

Enjoy the pictures before heading on to the review:

Teal Tease and Punk Purple

I would say that the pigmentation is about a medium, it could be better but I'm not disappointed (especially since it's only $3!). I think they work best paired with a similar eyeshadow tapped on top, and it also helps set them to last longer.

The teal is a tiny bit more pigmented, and the gold flecks are to die for!

The purple takes a few coats but it's a beautiful purple when you build it up.

Overall I am happy with them :)

P.S. Thank you elf for not making the packaging for these huge like some of your other products...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Benefit One Prime Day Review

So I have another review of a Benefit sample set. Generally I really like this set, especially the fact that it's only $10 (whereas the previous set I reviewed was $15).

Here's some pictures :)

Here is the pore professional. As you can see it is tinted a beige color. Look closely at the picture before and the picture after. Hopefully you can tell that the back of my hand looks a lot smoother after the product is blended out. Honestly this is a miracle product to me and when I run out I will buy the full size.

Here is the stay don't stray primer. I'm really not the biggest fan of this product, as I have experienced creasing with this product that I never experienced with my Too Faced shadow insurance or my UD primer potion. It's probably because I have oily type lids so those with normal lids this would probably work for you.

Last but not least, That Gal brightening face primer. I actually use this as a highlighter instead of a primer since I have oily skin. It works very nice and I like the pink undertone to this.

Overall I liked this set and for ten bucks you get to try a variety of products. If you are new to Benefit I suggest you check this out at Sephora.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Benefit Feelin' Cheeky! Minis Set Review

So I got this sample set about a two months ago and realized I never reviewed it so here goes :)

As far as lip stains go, Benefit kind of has the monopoly. Their Benetint probably is the most famous, followed by their Posietint. Personally I'm not the biggest fan of lip stains because they can be tricky to work with. But they are fun too use when you are going for a natural all day wearing look.

Here are some pictures and swatches:


-A liquid highlighter. I love this product the most. I love how it isn't glittery, and adds a nice sheen to the face.


-I don't particularly like using this on the cheeks, but it does add a nice rosy tint to the lips.


-I like how this is a light lip stain, which makes a little easier to fix if you mess up. The pink color is very nice for the cheeks as well.

As far as the stains go I recommend you dab the product on your fingers first before applying it to the cheeks, as simply painting it on with the brush can leave terrible lines if not blended out immediately. Also when using it on the lips apply a chap stick first because the stains can dry out your lips.

Overall I like the stains but don't really find myself reaching for them all the time. I guess it's a kind of product I need to be in the mood for.

The Feelin' Cheeky! Minis is $15. Each full size is $29. I could see myself splurging in the Highbeam but I'll pass on the stains.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween 2011 Nails!!

These took forever to do! Hope you get some ideas :)

As of right now I only have a nail tutorial up of the scary eye so have a lookey: