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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Smashbox BB Cream Review

Lately I've been only using my MUFE HD foundation, but I was really interested in the new U.S. BB creams coming out and thus far Smashbox seems to have the best ratings. I didn't actualy purchase this product, rather asked for a sample at Sephora. Can I just say I love how the people at Sephora will gladly make you a sample of just about anyhting in the store.

Here's what it looks like, I got it in shade light:

And here's what I looked like before (eek!):

Here's after:

As you can see the BB cream made a big differece. Here's what I liked and didn't like:

-Dries to a matte finish
-Easy to blend
-Perfect Match for my skin tone

-I did get shiny during the middle of the day
-I felt like I had to put layer over layer to get the coverage I wanted since I have a lot of imperfections (Although BB creams really aren't meant for full coverage).
-From what I understand of traditional Asian BB creams, this is a little too much coverage (but I guess this is not necessarily a bad thing).

Honestly this felt like a thick tinted moisturizer with fuller coverage. I didn't dislike the product by any means, but I do feel like I'd rather just wear my regular foundation. This isn't a must buy for me, but for girls who want a tinted moisturizer like effect with a little fuller coverage this product for you.


Sephora had this VIB gift from NARS if you spent $35 earlier this month. They might still have it in stores but I know they are not giving it out online anymore. They are all deluxe sample sizes, and I am really happy with them.

Can I just say love NARS even more now :) Oh and if you were wondering NARS is cruelty free, even though their parent isn't (bummer).

The primer is exceptional, even better than Too Faced Shadow Insurance, keeps eyeshadows pigmented and crease free all day.

The Laguna bronzer is also very nice, and great for contouring. It does have a little bit of shimmer though.

The Orgasm Illuminator is nice for subtle highlighting, gives a nice sheen to the face.

Sooooo happy I was able to get my hands on this gift!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tarte Intro to Amazonian Clay Beauty Insider 500 point Perk

I am trying to make the effort to buy cruelty free products, and Tarte happens to have the bunny seal :) I got this as a 500 point perk from Sephora, trust me it was hard not to spend any of my points until now but so worth it.

They included two full size products (the matte lip pencil, and the emphaseyes pencil). I will do a review on the lip pencil once I have a chance to try it out, but let me just say I am happy with everything so far.

Undercurrent Pearl Glide Intense Eyeliner (MAC Vera)

I saw this eyeliner and fell in love :) The Vera collection at MAC has many things that sparked my interest, unfortunately I'm low on the cash flow. In any case I'm very happy to have found this pencil.

Like a teal lagoon :) Lovesit!!! The pencil glides on really smooth and it is long lasting, it will be a favorite of mine for years.

$15 @ MAC

Viva Glam Nicki Review

As soon as I saw the promotional picture of the new Viva Glam lipstick I swooned! For some reason I've never owned any Viva Glam lipsticks, and I love how they donate 100% of the proceeds to and HIV organization.

This lipstick is quite unique in my opinion, well see for yourself :)

*The picture kind of washes out the color.

MAC describes this as a bright yellow pink (satin), it looks like a bright coral pink on my lips. This folks is not your everyday pink. It is very bright and takes some time to get it to look right. I put it on my lips without a lip balm or a lip pencil. I think that this lipstick does exaggerate the imperfections in your lips, so use a lip balm before hand. This is a color I would use on a day I want to stand out. I would also pair it with a lip liner.

Overall I really like it, there is nothing I own that is similar to it, but it is not a no fuss lipstick so be warned.

February Glam Bag Review

I know, I know, I'm super late on this post. It's part I wanted to try out the X-Out and NYX eyeshadow roller products, part extreme laziness. Well in any case here's my review:

Let's start with the bag itself
-Totally cute! The best one yet, and totally appropriate for Valentines day :)
What's not to love?

X-Out Shine Control
-Gel-like consistency that dries fast and is easy to rub on.
-I do feel somewhat of a difference in the amount of oiliness on my face when I use this product.
-Really decent amount of product
-I feel like the oil control doesn't last all day.
*I use this product after putting on moisturizer, before putting on foundation.

NYX roll on shimmer
-Packs on a lot of pigmented shimmer on the lids
-Don't necessarily need an eyeshadow brush to use this product.
-Did I say it was pigmented already?
-I feel like the color doesn't last crease free and pigmented all day, even with a primer.
-It can be a little tricky to use in order for it to look nice and not just slapped on. I recommend rolling the shadow on in the middle and then using a brush to spread it out on the inner and outer corners.

Freeman's Mask and Premier samples:
-To be honest I will probably not use these any time soon. I'm not really a mask kinda girl, and the other skin care samples don't really seem appealing to me.

NuMe $100 dollar giftcard
-Many people had mixed feelings about this this. I personally had no use for it as I have a very nice and new straightener from GHD, and the devil curling iron that is Sultra (aka it will burn your face iron). I gave the gift card away on my YT channel. Also you have to spend money to use the gift card so I don't know if it was really that great of a deal.

It wasn't a bad month, and I did get to try two new products that were interesting to me. I just don't want anymore face masks or get gift cards that make me have to spend money.

Looking forward to next month!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Sultra The Bombshell Clipless Curling Iron...

So I have been rather upset lately because I burned the side of my face the other day with my Sultra clipless curling iron. This is the second time I have burned myself. The first time I burned my wrist and it left a nice little scar which is awesome when I'm trying to take pictures of swatches (sarcasm). Anyways this time it's in a much more noticeable place and I am left praying to God I wont be left with a nasty scar (I can hear God telling me "be thankful you didn't get a worse burn").

*Sigh...In any case, this iron does a great job of leaving beautiful curls, but it is tricky to use. The glove is only slightly helpful in not burning your hands as it is not heat resistant, just a small barrier to the heat. In all honesty I have never burned myself before with a straightening iron or a traditional curling iron before, so I believe it really is not so much my own carelessness (somehow it's the curling iron's fault).

The point of this post is to let you the consumer know that this thing will burn you if you aren't vigilant and careful. Take your time to learn how to use this thing. *If you are right handed put the glove on your left hand

Here's a pic of the curling effect from awhile ago and now:

Stila in the Moment Eyeshadow Palette Look of the Day :)

I was so excited to use this palette for the first time, and I was totally planning on using the purple shades, somehow I ended up with a neutral look lol.

I used the Revlon lip butter I got (sweet tart), my Maybelline Illegal Lengths mascara, and a gel eyeliner from Essence in London baby.

Yup I still love this palette :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Sweet Tart Review

I was lucky enough to receive this from my friend Meredith, check out her blog:

Let me just say I am in love :) The product is so creamy and pigmented, I was really impressed. I dare say I like these more than the Baby Lips! They also last longer than the baby lips, and act more as a half way point between a lip stick and a lip balm. I can't wait to get more!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Stila in the Moment Eyeshadow Palette Review

You might remember that I put up a blog post about wanting one of these new Stila Palettes not long ago. Dreams do come true, well at least Valentines Day comes around and my boyfriend has another reason to gift me makeup lol.

Handy instruction booklet the palette comes with:


Close ups:

Smudge stick:

I have to say this palette didn't let me down at all. Such nice colors, and great for a purple or a neutral smokey eye. The only color with lighter pigmentation was the light purple but all the rest of them were great, and I love that they included a highlight shade.

This palette is a little pricey at $39 but it comes with a full size smudge stick which makes this palette a good value (smudge sticks are $20!).

The palette also includes a nice little booklet of different looks you can do step by step.

I suggest you check it out!