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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My OPI Storage Rack

As I am a major fan of OPI nail polishes I wanted to display them proudly on my new vanity, also I ran out of space in my nail polish box. So I searched on Ebay to find the perfect storage "thingy", for lack of a better word.

I found a 36 slot official OPI nail polish rack for only $20! Of course you can make one yourself, or buy one of those step spice racks from bed bath and beyond. I really love this new set up, and how available my OPI's are to me now instead of having to dig through my now 20 pound (feels like) nail polish box.

I bought it from this seller off of ebay:

The rack cost me $9 with $11 shipping. It didn't come put together but it's pretty easy to do so.

In any case there are many different ones off of Ebay, just look around.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Glamour Doll Eyes Pigment Review

I've done a blog in the past about Glamour Doll but now I've got new pigments that I absolutely love. The pigments are very bright and a treat to use. Of course, using pigments can be very messy especially if you don't buy a sifter, but there are no eyeshadows that are as bright as these shadows.

The pigments I got are from the Light Bright collection, as well as two that I picked out from the regular line.

Here are the pigments:

The pigments are in sample jars, along with two sample baggies that were freebies.

The collection is $10.75 for the sample jars and $5.60 for the baggies. I recommend spending the extra money to get the sample jars because they are so much easier to use and you don't waste any product. Shipping is also free when you spend $10 in samples.

Trophy Wife is not apart of the collection and is my favorite one. It is the brightest gold I have ever used and just amazing.

Glowstick is an "eye light", and is the green glitter (also not part of the collection). The glitters are very finely milled and are eye safe.

Rave is the purple glitter and was a freebie. It's so beautiful to look at.

Shamrock is the green color and I actually used it in a look with trophy wife.

If you like bright colors I would definitely check out this collection but glamourdoll also has more wearable colors in the regular line.

Check out the website for more :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette Review

Finally I go around to reviewing this palette. I have to say as soon as I saw this go up on the Temptalia website I knew I just had to have it. So here are some pictures of the palette before we get into the review. (Click on pictures for a larger view).

As you can see the palette has a little corner where you can lift up the actual eyeshadows to reveal a small compartment to stash small goodies.

The actual design of the palette is flawless, except for the fact that fingerprints very easily are left on the reflective surface. They also included a very large mirror inside the lid which is an unexpected plus.

There are 15 never before seen eyeshadows which makes this palette all the more exciting as UD likes to use the same shadows in all of their palettes.

Here are up close pictures of the palette and swatches.

You can tell that the first few eyeshadows are little on the sheer side. I actually like that because you can build the color when you want it more opaque, or leave it sheer like as a highlight. My favorite colors have to be Junkshow (A hot blue-pink), Evidence (a deep sapphire blue), and Deep End (a teal blue-green). Midnight Rodeo has a lot of glitter fall out but you just need to use the right base to prevent it.

This palette retails for $55 at Sephora and is limited edition. I wish it came with a primer and eyeliner like many of the other palettes do but I am good without them. Overall I love this palette and hope that you will too :)

Here's a look I did with some of the eyeshadows:

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

MAC bloggers obsessions

So MAC put out this limited edition collection created by many popular beauty bloggers. My favorite blogger is Christine, and her blog is She created an emerald green shimmer eyeshadow. Christine wanted a true emerald green with gold shimmers, and jealousy wakes does not disappoint. The eyeshadow is gorgeous over a base, and a little sheer by itself. I love it! The collection is only available online and the first batch sold out fast so get it while it lasts.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Fun Flower Nail Art Tutorial

So I did this nail art late at night and decided to do a tutorial for it. The nail art itself is very simple, you just need the right tools. I did this on short nails so it would be great for any any length nails.

First off you want to have buffed and filed your nails.

Next you want to add a base coat to keep the nail polish from staining your nails. I bought this one from Walmart.

Next you want to add your base color. Here I am using OPI's mermaid's tears from the pirates collection.

Next you want to take a dotting tool, which you can find at Sally's or Ebay, or a tooth pick and make small dots on opposite corners of your nails with a white polish. Just take a piece of paper and place a few drops of polish on it, then dip the dotting tool in the little puddle you made.

Now you want to take 5-6 different colored nail polishes and use the dotting tool to make five dots around the white dots you just made.

Now the next step is a little trickier. You want to take a tooth pick and drag it in the middle of the colored dots about 30 seconds after you place the dots. Timing is key b/c if the dots are too wet then the line wont show up as well. You want to wait for the dots to become a bit tacky. This gives the flowers some texture so they look more realistic but you don't have to do this step.

The next step is to take a small fine brush, this one I got at Sally's, and paint two green lines for stems.

The next step is to simply place a white dot in the center with five colored dots around it. I put a clear rhinestone in the center. You can buy gems from Sally's or Ebay (ebay is way cheaper).

*Tip: When placing gems you want to apply some top coat to whatever area you are placing the gem in order for it to stick. Then when it dries, apply top coat to entire nail for maximum adhesion.

Now I decided to paint small leaves on each of the flowers with the fine brush but you don't have to. I also added gems to both my pointer fingers.

These are the finished results. Add top coat when the entire nail is dry or you run the risk of smudging the flowers.

Hope you enjoyed :)