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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Look Using Glamour Doll Eyes Pigments

Here's the look:

I used:

*I suggest you do your eye makeup first before you do your face as pigments can get messy.

First I put Jealousy all over the lid (I wet the brush very slightly to create a more intense effect).

Then I used cloud coverage on the inner corner.

Next I used Graffiti in the crease/outer V area. You need just the smallest bit, and remember to blend blend blend!

Lastly I used Sterling Glitz on top on the Cloud Coverage (again I wet the brush a little bit). Finish with a winged liquid liner

*I also tapped a little bit of Chocoholic on top of a green eyeliner on the bottom lash line

When I was done I used a makeup cloth to clean up the fallout and create a nice straight edge on the sides of my eyes.

All the pigments are at:

My review of their pigments including swatches:

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