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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Makeup Forever HD Powder Vs. ELF HD Powder

If you don't know what a High Definition powder is, here is a refresher. HD products were originally ment for use in HD filming, which can focus in on every imperfection one's face can have (like large pores and fine lines). Recently many makeup brands have released "HD" compatible products. Now for everyday use this is a little gimicky, as you are probably not going to be filmed or photographed.

In any case, the HD powders up for review here are from the brands MUFE and ELF. MUFE is a professional makeup artist brand that happens to be sold at Sephora. They also have an HD liquid foundation as an fyi. Their powder is $30 at 10 grams.

The ELF HD powder is sold for $6 at 8 grams of product.


Honestly they feel exactly the same to me. Both very light and soft. Both Prolong the wear of foundation, and create a soft focus to the face. I would say the MUFE lasts a bit longer, but the price difference doesn't justify paying more to make up for lost time.

WARNING! HD powders are NOT meant for matifying the skin (aka getting rid of shineyness).

If you are wondering what they are made of the answer is kinda funny. Sand! The technical name is silica, which is very finely milled.

I would rather pay $6 dollars for my sand thank you very much!

I will say however, that the packaging for ELF is kinda bulky.

So there you have it :)

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