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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Makeup Blog Sale!!!!

Hi all!! So I've collected a mass amount of makeup that I have barely used and need to get rid of now. I'm moving and won't have the space to store all of this stuff anymore. All of the makeup listed is in great condition and was stored away and not touched until really now when I was looking through it. Most of the items were swatched once and put away. A couple are brand new, never touched, and will be starred* to denote this.

So if you are interested in something, send me an email at: and I will discuss the details with you. I'll be sending you an invoice through Paypal to be able to pay for the items. I will be mailing items at the end of every week so be patient please! I will make sure to send you a tracking number when I ship things out. I will be using priority mail to ship out the items just to ensure their arrival. If your package is relatively small, and fits in the small box/padded envelope, I'll charge you a shipping fee of $5. If it doesn't fit in the small, the medium box charge will be $10. If you spend $50 or more total, shipping is free. NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING, U.S. ONLY. Sorry!

I highly recommend to invest in a Beauty So Clean spray to sanitize makeup items you buy that are second hand, no matter how pristine the condition is. You can swipe items, like lipstick and creams with alcohol, however, on powder products it may or may not break them down faster. Regardless, it's good to have the spray to increase the longevity of makeup items, and keep to them from glazing over from constant use. Purchasing an item means you accept the risks of doing so, although I can attest to the fact that I've hardly used any of the things I'm selling. Powder products tend to hold onto bacteria less than liquid/cream products, as the environment is less conducive for bacterial growth.

Just want too be on the same page and make sure you are 100% confident with your purchase. No refunds, no exceptions, sorry!! I'll be updating the blog as things are sold and adding things as I go through my collection. Unless otherwise noted, assume that each item DOES NOT come in the original box/packaging how it was sold.

Prices are firm but if you want to offer me a deal if you're buying several sets then you can submit your offer. I'm trying to get rid of as much stuff as possible so please don't ask me to break up the sets. Sale prices in blue.

Now on to the goodies :)

1) Benefit World Famous Neutrals (sexiest nudes ever, easiest nudes ever, most glamorous nudes ever) eye shadow kit-set of 3 $30 original price for each set. Selling for $30 all together.  These were all swatched and used one time, the shadows and the cremes in the box.

2) Urban decay Eyeshadows (Uncut, Deep end, Side car, Snare). Original price $19 each. I know for sure I never used these shadows, and it's hard to tell if I swatched them or not but I'm going to assume I might have. Selling for $40 for the set of all 4.   

3) Benefit  Thrrrob Blush, Benefit Georgia blush, $29 orig. for each. Selling this for $20 for this set of 2 (both blushes). Used maybe a couple times. Recommended for very light skin tones. 

4) Too faced Candy Glow blush $30 orig. and Too faced glamour to go eyeshadow, blush, bronzer & lip gloss pocket palette $22 orig. Used the blush a couple of times and swatched some the eyeshadows once and never touched the second compartment. Selling this set of two (blush and to go palette) for $25.  sold

5) Buxom (Hip Hop, Burlesque, Belly Dance) eye shadow palettes $36 orig. each. Used and swatched each one once. Selling this set of 3 for $35.


6) Bareminerals afternoon delights &  I love the nightlife eyeliner sets, $29 orig. each set. Although the sets has the original box the eyeliners came in, I did swatch each eyeliner once on my arm but they all still have their pointy-ness. Selling this set of 2 for $25.

7) Buxom Blushes in Euphoria, Seduction, Belly Dance, Luvitate,  Breathless, Shangri-LA-LA. $24 orig. I used each blush a max of 5 times each. Selling this set of 5 for $30.

8) Clarins Palette Eclat Face & Blush powder $35 orig., Clarins Bronzing Duo Mineral Powder Compact $37 orig., Clarins Colour Accents Face & Blush Powder $35 orig. I used each of these one time. Probably better for lighter skin tones. Comes in it's original velvet pouch. Selling this set of 3 for $50

9) Vincent Longo Misty Blossom Blush $30 original price, & Vincent Longo Beauty Sin Face and Body Bronzer $30 orig. Used both twice. Best for lighter skin tones. Selling this set of two for $25.

10) Yves Saint Laurent eye shadow duo #25, couldn't find what the original price but I'm estimating at least $30. I never actually used this duo, I lightly swatched the blue it appears. I'm selling this for $15 .

11) Tokidoki skeletrina eyeshadow $15 orig. I never used this eyeshadow, I remember slightly swatching the edges. It comes in it's original packaging. Tokidoki makeup is no longer sold so this item is pretty rare. I'm selling it for $10.

12) Stila positively pink cheek palette $16 orig. & Stila love at first blush palette $16 orig. I swatched the positively pink blush (breast cancer), and used the love at first blush a max of 5 times). I'm selling this set of two for $12. 

13) Lorac Porefection Foundation light/medium PR4 $36 orig. I used this product maybe 5 times. I'm selling this for $12.

14)  NYX Blush in Mauve, Rose Garden, Pinched, Peach, Mocha. Original price $5 each. I used some more than others, like maybe 10x each at most. But you can see they all have the raised bumps still. I'm selling this set of 5 for $10. sold

15) Jouer peony cheek tint & Jouer petal cheek tint $22 orig. each one***** I never used these/swatched them. I'm selling this set of 2 for $25.

16) Bareminerals blush main attraction $21 orig. Bareminerals blush afterglow $21 orig.******** These were never used as you can see by the unbroken seal. Selling this set of 2 for $15.

17) Lancome 404 officially in shimmer eyeshadow $20 orig. This was swatched. Selling for $7.

18) Jouer pink champagne powder eyeshadow $22 orig. & Jouer Bordeaux powder eyeshadow $22 orig. Each used once. Selling this set of 2 for $18. 

19)  Jouer sunshine bronzer $30 orig. & Jouer tiare highlighter $22 orig. Both have been used once. Selling this set of two for $20.

20) Lorac bronze eye shadow $19 orig., & Lorac Golden eye shadow $19 orig. These were swatched once. Selling this set of two for $10

21) Stila light show eye shadow $22 orig., Stila groupie eye shadow $22 orig.,Stila lyric eye shadow  $22 orig. All used max 5 times. Selling this set of 3 for $15

22) Laura Mercier espresso eyeliner crème $25 orig, & Laura Mercier indigo eyeliner crème $25 orig.***** These are untouched and in original box. Selling this set of 2 for $30.  

23) Laura mercier mystere eye color duet $22 orig. Swatched once. Selling for $10

24)Laura mercier oleander gurwitch crème cheek $26 orig. Used one time. Selling for $10. 

More to come soon!!! Still in the process of taking pictures of everything, but if you see something from the first pic that you really want message me! Please leave a comment bellow after you receive your purchase :)

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  1. can you tell me if the bare minerals eyeliners are still available? thank you, Kim

    1. Hi yes it's still available. Shoot me an email if you are interested