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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Liner, Liner, stay on longer!!!

Ladies we have all had the problem of eye liner slipping and sliding all over the place during the day. What can be done about this regular annoyance you ask? Well there are a couple of different tricks and products that can help.

First off  most women use a pencil liner, mostly becuase it is the easiest to apply and fix. The reason pencil dosen't tend to stay on for very long, is that your face heats up during the day, and the ingredients in the product start to melt. Practically no pencil liner stays on for the whole day, however, the longest lasting pencil liner in the history of the universe is the Urban Decay 24/7 pencil liners. Depending on your skin type, they will stay on for at least 5 hours, if not much longer. Trust me there is no other pencil liner that stays on longer. They retail for $18 at Sephora and Ulta. If you don't want to switch to a liquid or gel (which have much cheaper options, yet same quality as other brands) then I suggest to spend the extra money for these eyliners.
Moooving on to gel liners, which are my favorite. At first gel liners can look very intimidating, as they come in little pots and you have to use a brush to apply. But once you get the hang of them they are absolutely fabulous and way longer wearing than pencils. Honestly the drug store brands gel liners are just as good as MAC or other prestige makeup brands. My favorite right now is from Physicians Formula, and come in little stacks that can be taken apart. A little goes a long way, literally, so get a good thin angled eye liner brush and dip it in the product and slowly drag it along the eye lid from the inner to outer corners. If you make a mistake, either take a q-tip with some generic lotion on it and fix it or.....MY FAVORITE TIP: Take a matte black eyeshadow and put a little on an angled liner brush and tap it on the gel liner already applied. This not only sets the gel liner but also lets you smudge it a bit. I don't generally suggest you use a gel liner on the bottom lash line but it can be done. Another trick, take a regular eyeliner, and dip it directly into the gel pot, then place it on the water line (area above the bottome lashes) and smudge it out a bit onto the lower lash line. Always clean your brush after use for best results.

Lastly, the most dificult to apply, the dreaded liquid liner. Most people have trouble using liquid liners as they are not very forgiving and take a steady hand. All I can really say is practice, practice, and then practice some more. One tip is to always buy liquid liners with a felt tip, as they are easier to use than a brush tip. Use your pinky and place it on your cheek to anchor your hand, then slowly and with patience drag the applicator across the lash line. Over time this process will be easier. Setting liquid with a black eyeshadow is always a good idea :) My favorite is Revlon's Color Stay liquid liner.NEVER put liquid eyeliner on the bottom lashes, it can seriously irritate your eyes. Liquid liner stays on the longest, literally all day so give it a go <3

Hope this helps, if you have any questions feel free to ask!

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