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Monday, February 28, 2011

Random Opinion Blog about....MAC

So by now most women have heard about MAC. If you didn't know, MAC stands for Makeup Art Cosmetics. Just to give you a little back story, MAC was started by these two Canadian guys who wanted to make a brand catered to the needs of the makeup artist. To cut a long story short, the brand grew and became available to the everyday woman, which was eventually bought by the makeup giant, Estee Lauder (which owns many makeup brands, including Clinique). There is the regular MAC stores, and then there is MAC pro which is only available in major cities, like Miami and New York. MAC pro sells things that only makeup artists really know how to use like mixing mediums and reflects. MAC is a high end makeup store, therefore it's prices are a lot higher than drug store cosmetics. Although at my very core I am a MAC groupie, I will always be the first one to tell you when you can save your money on a product that works the same. There are some products that are unparalleled, like their pigments, however their mascaras and eyeliners are nothing special in my opinion. Even their holy grail foundation MAC studio fix fluid foundation, is comparable to Revlon ColorStay. Don't get me wrong, they have amazing products, especially in the new collections that come out, but I am a firm believer in research and purchasing wisely. One thing most companies can't beat is the quality of their brushes. They very rarely shed, never smell, and last forever. They are the most expensive products they have, but investing in good brushes is better than having to buy new ones every year.

In summation, I love MAC (especially MAC pro), but I also think that there are other products out there that are just as good.

Enjoy the following pictures of me at MAC Pro in NYC :)

The women that work there are literally models

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