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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Practically the only brushes you will ever need

Alright so in order to make this blog post shorter (I tend to ramble), I'm just going to go through all of the brushes from left to right.

Powder Brush

This brush is a staple for anyone who uses Makeup. A good powder brush is densely packed and has a long to medium handle. The bristles should also be full and fluffy. This brush is used for applying loose or compact powder all over the face, and can also be used for bronzer and blush. Some people also use this for liquid foundation, just be careful to check your face for any bristles that may have fallen out.

Angled Blush Brush

An angled brush is necessary in my opinion, in order to flawlessly apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. More importantly, this brush is necessary for contouring the face with a matte bronzer.

Foundation Brush

This is the traditional brush for liquid foundation. It should be flat and and about one inch wide. These brushes are generally made with synthetic bristles.

Duo Fiber Stippling Brush

This brush is very versatile. It can be use for applying liquid foundation, a light powder application, as well as for blush and bronzer. This brush varies in size and density, so it is up to you what kind you want. It is usually made up of goat and synthetic hair.

Angled Eye liner Brush

Using a gel liner with this brush is essential. The brush should be very thin in order to make a precise line. An angled brush can also be used to apply eyeshadow to the brows in order to fill them in; as well as for putting eyeshadow as a liner on the lids.

Flat Shader Brush

This brush is used all over the lid, and come in many sizes. it should be densly packed in order to apply a concentrated amount on the lid.

Blending Brush

This brush is used to blend out eyeshadow, so it has a nice fade onto the crease. My other favorite way to use this brush is for applying concealer under the eyes. The brush should be nice and fluffy.

Pencil Brush

Used for applying eyeshadow onto the crease as well as for smudging eyeliner. Should come to a nice point.


Kabuki Brush

Although not necessary, this brush is great for packing on loose powder, or for taking with you during the day for touch ups.

There you go :) I will make a blog later on about where to get these brushes.

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