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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Charlotte Ronson All Eye Need Eye Shadow Palette Dani

So let me just say I was really excited about this palette when I ordered it. I thought the colors were super pretty and that the packaging is very cute. Let's get on with the pictures first:

Looks nice right?

Well here are the swatches:

I would say that the pigmentation of these eye shadows vary from very light, the pink, to very dark, the cranberry color. Kind of in order of the shadows from left to right. The pink barely shows up at all, and the purples also need many layers in order to be visible.

Overall I am very disappointed in this palette and decided to return it.

I still have high hopes for the other palettes though.


  1. Thank you for the review. I was highly considering this palette. I NEVER buy things for the packaging, but the packaging on this palette is STUNNING. It's disappointing that the eyeshadows are not very pigmented... I would have gotten it for sure if it was worth the money. Thanks for the review. Are you cherielovesmakeup on Youtube? If so, I'm subscribed. Love your vids!

    1. Why yes I am :o) Thank you so much for being a subbie! I did try out some of the other palettes in the store and actually they weren't bad, you should go check them out <3

    2. I'm interested in trying the neutral quad- I believe it is called Henrietta. Thank you for the review and for telling me some of the other ones were not bad. I own the gunmetal/matte black/neutral quad I think called Drea. My favorite color to wear is purple so that's why this review was particularly helpful. But I think I will take another look at the Henrietta quad now that you mentioned it. Thanks again!