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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Gilette Venus & Olay™ Razor

I never thought I would be writing about a razor on my blog before, but hey there's a first time for everything right? Anyways, I was sent this razor by Influester and I was so impressed I decided I needed to blog about it :) You can sign up with Influenster here.

Apparently this is a brand spanking new razor that probably hasn't been released everywhere yet, lucky me :)

Here's what Venus has to say about it:
Designed with a love for smooth legs and a passion for skin care, the Venus & Olay razor is a match made in skin heaven. Olay Moisture Bars release skin conditioners to help lock in moisture and boost your shave while 5 blades get Venus close.

Here's what I liked:
-Close Shave, don't have to go past an area more than once.
-Don't need shaving cream. One, saves you money and two, one less step to have to do when shaving.
-My legs feel so smooth after using the razor without using any extra moisturizer. I am guilty of not using a moisturizer after shaving, so this is perfect for me!
-Comes with a handy shower hook.
-5 blades!!
-Able to grip the razor well.

What I didn't like:
-Just one thing, and this might be TMI, but it's kinda hard to use this in my underarm area because the moisturizing bars kinda moisturize too much and the razor can't grip the hairs well. I have no issues shaving my legs though.

Overall I am really impressed with this razor and will be repurchasing :)

Check out Gilette.

*Received this product complimentary to test through Influenster’s VoxBox program

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