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Monday, July 16, 2012

LORAC Pro Palette Review

Loveit!!!!!! Let's begin :)

There are 8 matte shadows and 8 shimmer shadows. They are all richly pigmented and silky smooth. Really a dream to use! This palette is now my favorite neutral palette, I love how there are just as many matte to shimmery shades. The palette itself is very chic and thin, great for travel, but it does have a matte finish to it so if it will get dirty looking over time.

This palette also comes with a mini eyeshadow primer. Retails for $42 @ Sephora and Ulta. I think it's a pretty good price, $8 less than the UD naked palette and has more 4 more shadows. Totally encourage you to get it!

Some more close ups:

A look I did with the palette:


  1. Love it! Definitely have a lemming for this palette!

    1. You're gonna live it if you end up getting it!

  2. Thank you for swatches, love all colors!!!!

  3. Thanks for the color palette!!


  4. that was really helpful. Thank you :)

  5. Thank you for your review! I found it by searching on youtube for the lorac pro pallet, because I was debating on buying that one or the naked pallet. You helped me make up my mind :) Thank you for such an in-depth review and for comparing! Great job :)

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