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Friday, August 31, 2012

Buxom Color Choreography™ Eyeshadow Review (Burlesque, Hip Hop, & Belly Dance)

I love colorful eye shadows, and it's a shame that the bigger makeup companies are more invested in selling neutrals. Ah in any case these eye shadows are great and I can't wait to review them!


Hip Hop:

Belly Dance:

Let's start with Burlesque. I love pink eye shadows, they are actually my favorite color eye shadow and my skin tone can handle pinks. The satin hot pink in this palette is bright and opaque and I would use it to fade out the crease. The color in the middle is a matte gray that isn't super opaque but I think they did that on purpose. There is also a matte black with tiny silver glitters that I am really fond of as well. This palette is A+ in my opinion.

Hip Hop has a great mix of colors. A super bright gold, a matte navy with sparkles, shimmery gray, brown, and a matte baby blue. The outside colors are super vibrant, while the middle baby blue color is soft. Great for those who are just starting out using color.

Belly Dance is truly spectacular. The bronze color in this palette is so vibrant, it's my favorite shadow out of all the palettes. The purples are lovely and they go well with my brown eyes. The middle color in this palette is actually fairly pigmented, while the light lilac in the bottom left is soft and subtle. Another great palette.

Overall I quite like these palettes and I think you will too :) The only downfall I can see is that there aren't any nude brow bone highlights, but it's something I can deal with.

$36 @ Sephora

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