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Monday, January 21, 2013

Sweehearts Perfect Flush Blush

I was so excited for this blush launch because I am a sucker for cute packaging. I didn't realize in the pictures that this blush is in cardboard packing. It's kind if ironic that they changed the packing for the palettes from cardboard to tin, and made the blush in a cardboard packaging. Let's take a look:

Isn't it just adorable!

The pigmentation on the other hand is so-so. On my light skin it looks like a light pink shimmer. I'm guessing on darker skin tones it might be non existent. I think it's okay, not the best blush ever but it's not a bad blush either. They could have done better, especially since it's meant to work on all skin types. The middle shade is the least pigmented. The cute factor is keeping it in my stash but I think Too Faced dropped the ball on this.

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