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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Number One Makeup Pet Peeve

Although there are many makeup don'ts that really get on my nerves, like putting eyeshadow on up to your brow bone, I'm not talking a brown bone highlight that is your skin color, like purple eyeshadow up to your eyebrows, I've seen it happen a lot people. Or not blending out your makeup and having awful lines everywhere, or putting on thick Amy Winehouse eyeliner. Even worse than putting on "Bronza" like a guidette, is putting on mascara that make your eyelashes look so clumpy and disgusting that they look like spider legs.

Unless you are going for the outlandish look, makeup is supposed to subtly enhance your features. There is nothing about clumpy thick mascara that looks natural or tasteful looking. Trust me you want people to notice your beautiful features, not your clumpy lashes from far away.

In order to properly use mascara you have to make sure what type you want, lengthening or volumizing. Some mascaras are build able and give you some time to build up coats before it dries, this is the mascara you want to use if you want more than two coats. Just take the mascara wand and wiggle it through your lashes from base to ends a couple of times. Don't spend 5 minutes putting on coat after coat, it looks ridiculous just trust me.

You should throw out your mascara at least every 4 months as bacteria very easily gets trapped inside the tube and can cause you to have an eye infection.

I've said it before in an earlier post but my favorite mascara right now is Maybeline's One by One Mascara which does not clump.

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