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Friday, June 10, 2011

Color Correcting Dark Under Eye Circles

As I briefly discussed in a previous blog, you can use color theory to correct any issues you have on your face. As green neutralizes red (green concealer on top of red blemishes), so does orange or salmon neutralize blue and dark purple.

Here's an image for reference:

The color directly across is the complementary color, and adding it will neutralize it.

Okay so lets try this with under eye circles.

I will be using a NYX pot concealer from my previous haul blog. These concealers are heavy duty and a little thicker than your average concealer. Since it is a little thicker I'm going to use a concealer brush instead of a blending brush.

Here is my eye area that I have just primed with my garnier eye roller.

As you can see I the area is dark.

Now I am going to take my orange concealer with a brush and place it on my under eye area.

You're going to want to blend this out with your finger. Now I know this looks kind of scary but the purpose of doing this step is to neutralize the dark circles before placing regular concealer.

Now taking a regular concealer that is near my skin color I am dabbing this on top of what I just did.

This is the nearly finished product. As you can see the under eye area has been transformed dramatically. Of course you still want to blend a little of your foundation on top of this so it blends seamlessly onto the rest of your face like this:

All of this steps are optional but if you are going somewhere special, or are going to be photographed I suggest giving this method a try. NYX is a really inexpensive option but Bobbi Brown also has an awesome salmon colored concealer if you can afford a more expensive option that isn't as orange tinted.

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