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Monday, August 15, 2011

Glamour Doll Eyes Pigment Review

I've done a blog in the past about Glamour Doll but now I've got new pigments that I absolutely love. The pigments are very bright and a treat to use. Of course, using pigments can be very messy especially if you don't buy a sifter, but there are no eyeshadows that are as bright as these shadows.

The pigments I got are from the Light Bright collection, as well as two that I picked out from the regular line.

Here are the pigments:

The pigments are in sample jars, along with two sample baggies that were freebies.

The collection is $10.75 for the sample jars and $5.60 for the baggies. I recommend spending the extra money to get the sample jars because they are so much easier to use and you don't waste any product. Shipping is also free when you spend $10 in samples.

Trophy Wife is not apart of the collection and is my favorite one. It is the brightest gold I have ever used and just amazing.

Glowstick is an "eye light", and is the green glitter (also not part of the collection). The glitters are very finely milled and are eye safe.

Rave is the purple glitter and was a freebie. It's so beautiful to look at.

Shamrock is the green color and I actually used it in a look with trophy wife.

If you like bright colors I would definitely check out this collection but glamourdoll also has more wearable colors in the regular line.

Check out the website for more :)

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