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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My OPI Storage Rack

As I am a major fan of OPI nail polishes I wanted to display them proudly on my new vanity, also I ran out of space in my nail polish box. So I searched on Ebay to find the perfect storage "thingy", for lack of a better word.

I found a 36 slot official OPI nail polish rack for only $20! Of course you can make one yourself, or buy one of those step spice racks from bed bath and beyond. I really love this new set up, and how available my OPI's are to me now instead of having to dig through my now 20 pound (feels like) nail polish box.

I bought it from this seller off of ebay:

The rack cost me $9 with $11 shipping. It didn't come put together but it's pretty easy to do so.

In any case there are many different ones off of Ebay, just look around.


  1. Nice rank system .Thanks for sharing with photo.

  2. Nice rack system . Thanks for sharing use with photo.