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Monday, August 1, 2011

Fun Flower Nail Art Tutorial

So I did this nail art late at night and decided to do a tutorial for it. The nail art itself is very simple, you just need the right tools. I did this on short nails so it would be great for any any length nails.

First off you want to have buffed and filed your nails.

Next you want to add a base coat to keep the nail polish from staining your nails. I bought this one from Walmart.

Next you want to add your base color. Here I am using OPI's mermaid's tears from the pirates collection.

Next you want to take a dotting tool, which you can find at Sally's or Ebay, or a tooth pick and make small dots on opposite corners of your nails with a white polish. Just take a piece of paper and place a few drops of polish on it, then dip the dotting tool in the little puddle you made.

Now you want to take 5-6 different colored nail polishes and use the dotting tool to make five dots around the white dots you just made.

Now the next step is a little trickier. You want to take a tooth pick and drag it in the middle of the colored dots about 30 seconds after you place the dots. Timing is key b/c if the dots are too wet then the line wont show up as well. You want to wait for the dots to become a bit tacky. This gives the flowers some texture so they look more realistic but you don't have to do this step.

The next step is to take a small fine brush, this one I got at Sally's, and paint two green lines for stems.

The next step is to simply place a white dot in the center with five colored dots around it. I put a clear rhinestone in the center. You can buy gems from Sally's or Ebay (ebay is way cheaper).

*Tip: When placing gems you want to apply some top coat to whatever area you are placing the gem in order for it to stick. Then when it dries, apply top coat to entire nail for maximum adhesion.

Now I decided to paint small leaves on each of the flowers with the fine brush but you don't have to. I also added gems to both my pointer fingers.

These are the finished results. Add top coat when the entire nail is dry or you run the risk of smudging the flowers.

Hope you enjoyed :)

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