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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How to get 24% off for the Sephora Friends and Family Sale!

So it's that time of year again when Sephora gives out their yearly 20% off coupon. Right now is the best time to stock up on new goodies and perhaps even presents for Christmas time (or any other holiday you participate in).

If you haven't heard of the website Ebates you are totally missing out on FREE money! Here's how it works, you sign up with them and you use their links to shop as you normally would online. Whatever you buy you get a percentage back into your Ebates account. So for example, say you want to shop the sephora sale. You simply go to the Ebates website, click on their Sephora link and then shop as you normally would. There isn't a code you have to enter. After you make your purchase, whatever the percentage back that you get is placed into your account.

Say you buy $100 dollars worth of stuff, and the % that Ebates is offering is 5%, you literally get back $5. After a while of shopping as you normally would online it really adds up. Ebates sends you a check for whatever is in your balance four times a year, and if you use my link you automatically get five dollars in your account!

Here is the link:

Right now Ebates is offering 4% back on all Sephora online purchases. Along with the 20% off code for the sale you are really getting a good deal.

Here is the link to get the 20% off coupon:

Happy Shopping!

I'm posting a blog after this of what things I think you should buy :)

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