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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Essence Holographic Eyeshadow Review

I am a huge fan of the brand Essence, which is sold at Ulta. Essence is a European brand and they don't even sell half as much stuff here as they do in the UK. But in any case, the stuff I have been able to get my hands on I love! But for today's post we're going to be reviewing the new limited edition holographic cream eyeshadow. I found these on a display bear the NYX stuff, it was kind of hidden and not much was left. There was also holographic nail polish and lip gloss.

Here are some pics before the review:

It was really hard to capture the iridescence on camera but here is what I was able to get in a swatch:

The pictures really don't capture the holographic effect. I've never seen any cream eyeshadow this gorgeous and fun to look at!

As for wearing time I always recommend a primer before using any type of cream on your eyes. The blue actually looks good by itself. I'm not sure yet how I would wear the opal color but I know I'll have fun with it.

Here are the names and weight:

If you can spot any in your local Ulta I suggest you try them out :)

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