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Friday, October 21, 2011

Benefit One Prime Day Review

So I have another review of a Benefit sample set. Generally I really like this set, especially the fact that it's only $10 (whereas the previous set I reviewed was $15).

Here's some pictures :)

Here is the pore professional. As you can see it is tinted a beige color. Look closely at the picture before and the picture after. Hopefully you can tell that the back of my hand looks a lot smoother after the product is blended out. Honestly this is a miracle product to me and when I run out I will buy the full size.

Here is the stay don't stray primer. I'm really not the biggest fan of this product, as I have experienced creasing with this product that I never experienced with my Too Faced shadow insurance or my UD primer potion. It's probably because I have oily type lids so those with normal lids this would probably work for you.

Last but not least, That Gal brightening face primer. I actually use this as a highlighter instead of a primer since I have oily skin. It works very nice and I like the pink undertone to this.

Overall I liked this set and for ten bucks you get to try a variety of products. If you are new to Benefit I suggest you check this out at Sephora.

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