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Saturday, October 22, 2011

ELF Creme Eyeliners Review. Teal Tease and Punk Purple.

I have become the biggest fan of ELF products recently and these creme eyeliners are a welcome addition to my collection.

Enjoy the pictures before heading on to the review:

Teal Tease and Punk Purple

I would say that the pigmentation is about a medium, it could be better but I'm not disappointed (especially since it's only $3!). I think they work best paired with a similar eyeshadow tapped on top, and it also helps set them to last longer.

The teal is a tiny bit more pigmented, and the gold flecks are to die for!

The purple takes a few coats but it's a beautiful purple when you build it up.

Overall I am happy with them :)

P.S. Thank you elf for not making the packaging for these huge like some of your other products...


  1. I am obsessed with their cream eyeliner, but I've only tried the black. I love it!

  2. Lol I've never tried the black if you can believe it. I am really fond of the colors though :)

  3. I used the black one and I do love it :) maybe I woill try the colored ones :)