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Sunday, February 26, 2012

February Glam Bag Review

I know, I know, I'm super late on this post. It's part I wanted to try out the X-Out and NYX eyeshadow roller products, part extreme laziness. Well in any case here's my review:

Let's start with the bag itself
-Totally cute! The best one yet, and totally appropriate for Valentines day :)
What's not to love?

X-Out Shine Control
-Gel-like consistency that dries fast and is easy to rub on.
-I do feel somewhat of a difference in the amount of oiliness on my face when I use this product.
-Really decent amount of product
-I feel like the oil control doesn't last all day.
*I use this product after putting on moisturizer, before putting on foundation.

NYX roll on shimmer
-Packs on a lot of pigmented shimmer on the lids
-Don't necessarily need an eyeshadow brush to use this product.
-Did I say it was pigmented already?
-I feel like the color doesn't last crease free and pigmented all day, even with a primer.
-It can be a little tricky to use in order for it to look nice and not just slapped on. I recommend rolling the shadow on in the middle and then using a brush to spread it out on the inner and outer corners.

Freeman's Mask and Premier samples:
-To be honest I will probably not use these any time soon. I'm not really a mask kinda girl, and the other skin care samples don't really seem appealing to me.

NuMe $100 dollar giftcard
-Many people had mixed feelings about this this. I personally had no use for it as I have a very nice and new straightener from GHD, and the devil curling iron that is Sultra (aka it will burn your face iron). I gave the gift card away on my YT channel. Also you have to spend money to use the gift card so I don't know if it was really that great of a deal.

It wasn't a bad month, and I did get to try two new products that were interesting to me. I just don't want anymore face masks or get gift cards that make me have to spend money.

Looking forward to next month!

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