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Monday, February 20, 2012

Sultra The Bombshell Clipless Curling Iron...

So I have been rather upset lately because I burned the side of my face the other day with my Sultra clipless curling iron. This is the second time I have burned myself. The first time I burned my wrist and it left a nice little scar which is awesome when I'm trying to take pictures of swatches (sarcasm). Anyways this time it's in a much more noticeable place and I am left praying to God I wont be left with a nasty scar (I can hear God telling me "be thankful you didn't get a worse burn").

*Sigh...In any case, this iron does a great job of leaving beautiful curls, but it is tricky to use. The glove is only slightly helpful in not burning your hands as it is not heat resistant, just a small barrier to the heat. In all honesty I have never burned myself before with a straightening iron or a traditional curling iron before, so I believe it really is not so much my own carelessness (somehow it's the curling iron's fault).

The point of this post is to let you the consumer know that this thing will burn you if you aren't vigilant and careful. Take your time to learn how to use this thing. *If you are right handed put the glove on your left hand

Here's a pic of the curling effect from awhile ago and now:


  1. Granted, you may burn off half your face BUT your hair looks beautiful! Trade off? LOL. A shame that it's hard to use, but seriously... I love how it curls the hair!

    1. It does curl really well, but the burn on my face is making me want to throw thing thing out the window....

  2. i am glad the burns are minor but i woudn't think of trying this because i have no experience using curler like this.
    your hair looks gorgeous, thoug! :)