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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Easy DIY Valentines Day Nails

So I did these super easy Valentines Day nails. It takes little effort and skill. You''l need a heart whole puncher, I found one easily at my local craft store, clear tape, and two nail polish. Colors.

Step 1:
Paint base nail color. Let completely dry (this is important).
Step 2:
Punch a heart shaped holes into the middle of a piece of tape.
Step 3:
Place the tape over nail where you want the heart. Paint over the heart with a different nail polish color.
Step 4:
Quickly and carefully remove the taper right after you apply the polish
Step 5:
Wait till dry then apply top coat
Take a toothpick and dot on dots inside the hearts.

Here's a visual aid:

Have fun :)

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