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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Inglot Rainbow Eyeshadows Review

Before I start this review I just wanted to let you know that Inglot is having a 15% off and free shipping deal right now so I would go check that out immediately.

Anyways, I have another review for you and I am so excited to finally have a palette from Inglot. Many beauty gurus on YT love and use Inglot, especially pursebuzz.

So here are the eye shadows I got:

(The teal colors number is 104R, The purples is 114R, and the browns are 107R)

And here are the swatches:

I love these shadows, and they are very pigmented even though they are matte. The texture of these eye shadows are very buttery, and not chalky at all. I have to tell you I'm not a fan of matte shades, but these blew me away.

The empty palette itself has a really strong magnet, so getting these eye shadows out would probably be a pain. In any case, the palette is sleek and very well made.

The rainbow eye shadow pans are $5.95 each, and the 3 pan palette is $5.95 as well. I wish I could afford to buy all of the colors!


  1. These seriously look so pretty! I have heard so many good things about inglot!

  2. I love the green and purple shale. The darkest brown was just a little to dark for my liking.