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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tokidoki 24 Karat Skate Deck Eyeshadow Palette Review

After I got the Soda Shop Palette I became a really big fan of Tokidoki. This palette is totally my style and I love it! It is actually on sale for $29, which I think is a total steal.

Here are pictures of the palette:

The palette itself is kind of cheap looking and is made of cardboard. I would have liked a metal tin or something like the original naked palette. The width is more than an 1 inch, so it's kinda bulky too. Other than that the palette is awesome!

Here are the swatches:

Some close ups:

The top row has sheerer colors, I would mostly use them for highlighting the inner corners of my eyes. The bottom row has vibrant crease colors, they are all pigmented.

I love this palette and it would be a great Christmas gift :)


  1. Looks really pretty!

    I gave you the Versatile blogger award! Check out this post to get more info =)

  2. ahh i love this!!!! but how come i can never find this tokidoki palette anywhere!