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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Nails 2011

Every year I do holiday themed nail art, my favorite definitely has to be Christmas (after Halloween of course). I attempted to to a live video tutorial of each nail design but it didn't quite pan out well so I stuck to pictures (I don't know how cute polish does it!)


Left Hand:

Right Hand:


In order to create these nails I used acrylic paint for the first time. I usually just use layers of nail polish so it was tricky for me to use it at first. I ended up using mostly nail polish and a few accents with acrylic paint.

The brushes I use can be found at Sally's, Ebay, and your local craft store. The thinner and smaller the brush the better.

If you are new at doing nail art I suggest you learn a lot of patience. You need to wait for every layer of nail polish to dry before you can continue painting. As in, draw the first snowman circle, wait for that to dry, paint the second snowman circle, wait for that to dry, paint on the scarf, wait to dry, draw the stripes in the scarf, you see where I'm going with this.

It helps to alternate between nails and drying times.

I uploaded a video to Youtube of a slideshow of the steps I took.


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