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Monday, January 2, 2012

NYX Lip Products :)

Hautelook was having this sale a week or so ago and I took advantage and bought a set of lip products. I got 2 lip liners, 2 lipsticks, and two lip glosses. Review time!!

Okay first we have two matte lipsticks:

The pink color is the perfect barbie pink, actually it kind of reminds of me the kind of pink the girls (and guys) were rocking in the 80's. Now the "nude" shade is just a hot mess. It is a pale orange if anything, not a nude color. It actually looks horrible on my lips. I hope there is some way I can make it work...

No onto the lip liners:

The lip liners are both really nice and pigmented.

Now the lip gloss/lip colors:

I like both of them, although the nude one is still a little too orangey for me. These products are not exactly a gloss not exactly a lip stick, it's a nice mix between the two.

Here's pics of all of them together and the pink lipstick and gloss on my lips :)


  1. fantastic!

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  3. whats number / type of extreme lip glos NYX? BUttery Nude or Natural? thankss :D