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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Beautylish is opening an online store?!!

If you haven't already heard about Beautylish, it's an online community of makeup and beauty obsessed girls (and guys) like you and me :) I like it because there are interesting and helpful articles, and your own work can be featured in an article. Personally I've had my nail art featured twice, and it's nice to get feedback from people :) Also those of you without blogs or YTs can join in on the fun b/c it's like having a mini blog. Anyways, you should join!

The exciting news is that they are opening an online store! Apparently there is a point system, I guess kind of like birchbox, where you might not even have to spend money! I don't know all the details yet but you can sign up now:CLICK HERE!

After you make a profile check out my Beautylish if you like here :)

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