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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

theBalm Cheater Mascara Review

It never ceases to amaze me how theBalm continually brings out awesome products. I only wish Sephora would carry more of their line. Well in any case, here's the review :)

Here's a picture of the packaging: (just so darn cute!)

The applicator:

What the mascara looks like on the lashes:

I love this mascara! Here's why:

It lifts and separates the lashes with little clumping. I honestly wasn't expecting much since the mascara wand looks pretty standard. Also, it doesn't say anywhere on the packaging that the mascara is waterproof. I have tested this baby out on many occasions in the hot Florida sun and not once did I get raccoon eyes. The wand is big enough for me without being too big where you can't maneuver it around easily. I just love what it does for my lashes.

One negative I will say is that the packaging on the actual mascara is a sticker instead of being printed on the tube. theBalm lets work on this!

theBalm has it in their website for $18 but hopefully it will pop up on the Sephora website soon :)


  1. They always have the catchiest names! Good to know this holds up and doesn't run I'll have to check it out when it pops up on sephora!

    Beauty Flawed

    1. I love how all of their products are 50s themed, so cute.