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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sephora + Pantone Universe Color of the Year Blush Duo Review

As soon as I saw this pop up on musings of a muse I swooned! As you may know I am obsessed with coral/orange right now, the color just speaks to me :) Anyways I picked this baby up from Sephora and now it's for a review!

Let's start with pictures :)

The packaging on this box is so creative I love it!

The packaging of the blush duo has a magnetic lid, exactly like the Inglot packaging.

So the more red orangey side with shimmer is called: Coral, Pantone #15-1439 (Color of the Year with gold shimmer)

The matte side is called: Desert Flower, Pantone #15-1435 (light orange matte)

When you swatch the blushes in person the colors look a little scary. Coral has a lot of shimmer in it and is a very bright color with high pigmentation, however when you put it on your face with a light hand the color looks beautiful. Here is a picture with me wearing it :)

If you apply it right, the color looks very nice and the shimmers aren't that crazy noticeable. I love that they included a matte version. Desert flower looks lovely as well on the cheeks, but again use a light hand with it. What I like to do is apply desert flower on my cheeks and then put a little bit of coral on the higher points for a little bit of a highlight.

At Sephora for $26.


  1. Oh I want to get this duo! It's so gorgeous.. the swatches were a little bit scary looking until I read what you wrote.. :)

    1. Lol in the store I was like ummm, this looks crazy, but then they put it on me and the blushes looked so nice!

  2. I'm not a big fan of this orange trend but I must say they do like quite good on not what I would have expected!