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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

NYX Shine Killer Review

I have oily skin so trust me when I tell you I am always on the lookout for products that will take away oil. This is a new product from NYX, I've only used it once but here are my impressions thus far:

The consistency of the product is hard to describe. Imagine a gel that doesn't feel gooey, more like a velvety texture (somehow that makes sense). Once you spread it on your skin it disappears instantly so I feel like I need to squeeze more product out (but less is probably more). This product doesn't do that weird thing that some primers do, I think it's called pilling, when there's like little balls of the product that don't blend into the skin (just in case you were wondering...).

As far as the mattifying purposes I do feel as though it made a difference in the oiliness on my face, especially the T-zone area. It's not a miracle product, you still need to powder, but I really do feel like it made a difference. I got through most of the day with no shininess whatsoever.

I put it on after my moisturizer and primer, before foundation. It's a little pricey for NYX, @ $13, but I think the price is justified as there are relatively few "low-end" products that are similar. Urban Decay makes a very similar product for twice the price. I also really like the packaging, sleek, easy to use, and air plane friendly.

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  1. Hi I have combi skin with annoying oily T zone. Usually I get shiny after 4-5 hours and need to blot 1-2 times a day. So I've been thinking to get this product. You're like one if few that says it works :D I nearly gave up the idea of purchasing this product after I read so many disappointing reviews. So is this a primer? But you mention that you put it on after moisturizer and primer. Or do you apply 2 primers?