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Thursday, May 24, 2012

May My Glam Review

This is going to be short and simple so let's get on with the pictures.

Here are my thoughts:
-The Studio Gear lipstick while full size (which I appreciate) I got in an ugly brown color.
-I'm not into nail stickers as I like to do my own nails, but again this is a full size product and I like that aspect.
-I have never liked perfume samples in little vials that you have to pat on instead of spraying on. I do however enjoy Philosophy fragrances.
-The bag this month was cute and didn't smell like plastic unlike last month's bag.
-Lastly, the brushes came slightly bent and I think are the worst one's My Glam has sent out thus far.

So there, that's all I had to say about this month. I keep wanting to opt out but a little voice in my head says what if they give out something awesome next month. Darn you little voice!!!!


  1. I keep staying for the same reason! I'm so afraid I'll miss something good and I keep telling myself "well it's OOOnnnlllYYY 10 dollars" lol Hopefully they will send us something really good so we can justify keeping it haha

    1. Hopefully, I would love to give a positive review again lol.

    2. I know me too! lol I saw a picture of next months bag on it's this gold almost envelope style so maybe it will be good. It looks completely different from the ones they have been sending.

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